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LINUX "howto" pages

March 17th 2006: These howto pages used to be published at by Godwin Stewart, who is a resident of France, a country plagued with political and legal stupidity where publication of the pages could now land him in serious trouble. I therefore agreed to take them over from him, and he has transferred all rights to the content over to me.

Howard Pritchett.

There are several documents of mine in various places around the 'net. Some of them are completely out of date, in particular the document I drafted on getting via-rhine-based network cards to work with 2.2.x kernels since the module has been in 2.4.x kernels right from the beginning. I think it's best just to remove these useless vestiges of the past. Assuming I can remember where they're published...

Then there are the documents which are more up to date and appear to have a certain amount of success. I'm thinking of the CD Writing howto and the LAMPS howto mostly here since they're the two most commented on and apparently used. Also, we mustn't forget the more humoristic "Shooting yourself in the foot" howto.

Finally, there are the "howtos" to come. There are a few topics I need to cover, the most pressing of which is about using iptables for firewalling and IP masquerading (that's "Internet Connection Sharing" in Windows-ese), and explaining the differences between IP masquerading, NAT (Network Address Translation) and port forwarding. At some point in time there will also be a "Virtual hosting with Apache" howto, which will go into the various methods of hosting more than one domain on the same server, and a howto describing how to make backup copies of your DVD-Videos.

I'll add links to completed/moved howto documents as and when they're published on this server. So far, this is what's published here:

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