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Links to other pages

Other pages that can be helpful

Places to find help:

Google's Linux search engine
Scott Robbins' pages
Quick'n'Dirty guides mailing list
The Linux Documentation Project

Places that advocate the use of Linux and other Free Software:

Godwin Stewart's advocacy pages
Allen D. Tate's "Linux In Libraries" site

Links to software that I find useful:

Slackware Linux
The XFCE Desktop Environment
Firefox web browser
Sylpheed mail client
Audacity audio editor office suite
The GIMP image editor

Links to Linux User Groups:

Find a LUG near you
Godwin Stewart is a co-founder of the LUG Touraine (site in French)
Tokyo LUG

Links to other miscellany:

SpamCop mail filtering and spam reporting service
The Daily Kitten − irresistible :o)
Engrish − hilarious!
Preston Metal Detecting Group
The B*stard Operator from Hell on El Reg

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